My POW-related publications include:

Books and Book Chapters

Prisoners of the Sumatra Railway: Narratives of History and Memory, Bloomsbury 2017.

‘Shrouded Corpses, Walking Cadavers: The Shifting of “the Choleras” in Depictions of Southeastern Captivity’ in Histories of Post-Mortem Contagion, ed. Christos Lynteris and Nicholas Evans, Palgrave 2018.


‘Like Pebbles Stuck in a Sieve’: Reading Romushas in the Second-Generation Photography of Southeast Asian Captivity (2017). Journal of War and Culture Studies 10:4

‘World War II ended 70 years ago while the forgotten ‘death railway’ was completed’ (2015).

‘”What our sons went through”’: the connective memories of Far Eastern captivity in the Charles Thrale Exhibition, 1946 – 1964’ (2014). Journal of War and Culture Studies 7:3

‘The Sinking of Prisoner of War Transport Ships in the Far East’ (2014). History, Imperial War Museums

Imperial War Museum Research Blogs

‘Remembering Far East Captivity and the Aftermath: 70 Years On’ (2015)

‘Cataloguing Prisoner of War Collections’ (2014)

Remembering Rod Suddaby (2013)

‘Prisoners of War on the Sumatra Railway’ (2012)